Netgear GC728X Gigabit Managed Smart Cloud Switch

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Netgear GC728X Gigabit Managed Smart Cloud Switch

Fully integrate the GC728X 24-Port Gigabit Managed Smart Cloud Switch from NETGEAR into your existing Insight Managed Smart Cloud configuration and manage your switch and various aspects of you network from your Windows or macOS computer, or your tablet from anywhere in the world.

This Smart Cloud switch comes equipped with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports along with dedicated SFP and 10G SFP+ ports. Once installed, this switch features a 92 Gb/s switching capacity, a 16K MAC address table, support for up to 256 VLANs, 8 priority queues, and support for up to 512 multicast groups.

The NETGEAR Smart Cloud Switch supports a variety of tools to help manage traffic from auto negotiation of speed to IEEE 802.3x flow control, dynamic MAC address management, and much more. To secure the network, this NETGEAR switch offers MAC lockdown by number of MACs, dynamic VLAN assignment, guest VLAN access, IPv6-based ACL, and more. Multicast efficiency features include IGMP snooping, blocking of unknown multicast traffic, and MLD snooping. Intuitive network management functionality includes insight from the mobile app or Insight Cloud Portal, an IP access list, configurable management VLAN, SNMP functionality, firmware upgradability, and much more.

  • 24 x Gigabit Copper Ports
  • 2 x Dedicated SFP Ports
  • 2 x Dedicated SFP+ Ports
  • 92 Gb/s Full-Duplex Bandwidth


Traffic Management

  • Auto Negotiation of speed and duplex modes
  • IEEE 802.3x Flow Control
  • Dynamic MAC address management
  • IEEE 802.1Q-based VLAN
  • Auto Voice VLAN
  • Auto Video VLAN
  • QoS based on WRR, strict priority, or both
  • Port-based and IEEE 801.2p-based QoS
  • TCP/UDP-based QoS
  • DiffServ
  • IPv4 and IPv6-based QoS
  • DSCP Support
  • Rate Limiting (ingress, or egress)
  • Link Aggregation and LACP
  • IPv4 and IPv6 static routing


  • MAC lockdown
  • MAC lockdown by number of MACs
  • IEEE 802.1x port authentication (MD5, EAP, PEAP)
  • Dynamic VLAN Assignment
  • Guest VLAN
  • Trusted MAC
  • IPv4, L4-based Access Control List (ACL)
  • IPv6-based ACL


Multicast Efficiency

  • IGMP snooping, v1, v2 and v3
  • IGMP Snooping querier
  • Blocking of unknown multicast traffic
  • MLD snooping


Spanning Tree

  • IEEE 802.1D, IEEE 802.1w RSTP and MSTP
  • Option to enable/disable BPDU flooding when STP is disabled


Reliability, Performance, and Troubleshooting

  • Port mirroring both on ingress and egress traffic
  • Jumbo frame support
  • Broadcast Storm Control
  • Cable diagnostics
  • Loop Detection & Prevention
  • DoS Prevention
  • IEEE 802.1ab LLDP
  • Option to enable/disable the flooding of EAPOL when 802.1x is disabled
  • Protected ports
  • DNS client
  • DHCP clients
  • DHCP snooping
  • Ping and traceroute client
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) compliant



  • Insight mobile app or Insight Cloud Portal (Network-centric management)
  • Cloud/remote setup, configuration, management, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Device auto-join and configure (zero-touch provisioning)
  • Multi-site, multi-network single pane-of-glass view
  • Multi-switch, multi-port concurrent configuration
  • Network/global password (for all Insight Managed devices on a network)
  • IP Access List
  • Configurable management VLAN
  • Admin access control via RADIUS and TACACS+
  • IPv6 management
  • SNTP client over UDP port 123
  • SNMP v1/v2c
  • SNMP v3 with multiple IP addresses
  • RMON group 1,2,3,9
  • uPnP Discovery & Bonjour Discovery
  • Local-only web browser-based management GUI (for debugging or very advanced configuration parameters)
  • SSL/HTTPS Web-based access (version)
  • TLS Web-based access (version)
  • Firmware upgrade through the Cloud using NETGEAR Insight
  • Firmware update through TFTP/HTTP (using local web browser-based management GUI)
  • Firmware update from USB storage device (using local web browser-based management GUI)
  • Dual software (firmware) image
  • Memory and flash log
  • Syslog (RFC 3164)


Tech Specs


Gigabit Copper Ports


SFP / SFP+ 10G Ports

2 x SFP ports (dedicated)

2 x 10G SFP+ ports (dedicated)


92 Gb/s

Buffer Size

1.5 MB

MAC Address Table Size

16 K

VLAN Support

256 VLANs supported

MLD Snooping


Static Routes

32 (IPv4) / 31 (IPv6)

Link Aggregation

LACP (802.3ad Dynamic Link Aggregation)

Manual Static LAG

Number of Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs - 802.3ad)

24 LAGs with max 8 members in each LAG

Priority Queues


Multicast Groups


DoS Prevention


Loop Detection


Jumbo Frame Support

Up to 9 K packets

802.3az Support



Power Supply

Internal: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1 A max (power cord localized to country of sale)

Power Consumption

Max Power (worst case, all ports used, line-rate traffic) (Watts): 18.5 W




28 dBA

Operating temperature

32 to 122°F / 0 to 50°C


1,874,356 hours (214 years)

Electromagnetic Compliance

Class A


17.3 x 8.8 x 1.7" / 44.0 x 22.4 x 4.4 cm


6.19 lb / 2.81 kg

Package Weight

3.8 kg

Box Dimensions (LxWxH)

20 x 13.6 x 3.5"


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