Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

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Galaxy Z Flip


Meet Galaxy Z Flip


A whole new spin on the phone

Impossibly compact for maximum impact

Galaxy Z Flip folds to be surprisingly small for an outstanding design that easily fits into your pocket, bag, or accessory.


See the future with every fold

Its an all-new, foldable form factor. Small, durable, and unlike anything you’ve held before.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

Beauty is in the hand of the beholder

Galaxy Z Flip's unique form factor is enhanced with an impossible-to-ignore, color-shifting exterior in your choice of stunning hues.

The full screen that fits in your pocket

Galaxy Z Flip's Infinity Flex Display is an immersive Dynamic AMOLED screen delivering incredible color quality and reduced blue light. With minimized bezels and no notch, it's 17.01cm (6.7") of stunning cinematic viewing.

17.01cm (6.7")

Infinity Flex Display

Glass. But make it fold

Meet the first-ever folding glass screen on a Galaxy. Yeah, we said folding glass. Made of Samsung Ultra Thin Glass, it sets you up for an epic view with a smooth flat screen.

Made to last. Fold after fold after fold...

Inspired by a lotus blossom, the Hideaway Hinge is precisely articulated for a satisfying folding motion — even allowing you to adjust the folding angle. While sweeper technology repels dirt and dust for folds as smooth as your style.



Your unique point of view just got more unique


The smartphone that can stand on its own

Freestop folding technology allows for hands-free video chats and previously unreachable selfies. So, fold it, flip it, stand it. However you set it up, it reinvents the way you take photos on your phone.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.



A new perspective on how you shoot photos

Galaxy Z Flip folds and holds its position at multiple angles, giving you the ability to capture amazing low angle shots that play with perception for thought-provoking photos. Call it the new power pose.


Ready for the night scene

Galaxy Z Flip's camera is powerful even at night. Seconds of long-exposure shots are morphed into a work of video art with light trails. And when paired with freestop folding acting as a tripod, Night Hyperlapse gives you a new kind of night shot.


A whole new angle on video chatting

Upgrade your voice call to a Google Duo video call and instantly experience clearer video chatting with the 10MP Front Camera.

*Image simulated for illustration purposes.

*Google Duo is a trademark of Google LLC.


Half screen, full control

When you freestop fold, Flex mode splits apps in half and puts the controls on the bottom half — turning the top half into a viewing area.


Do it all. All at once

Level up your app use by having two open at once. Multitasking is even better on the massive 17.01cm (6.7") screen with Multi Active Window.

The power to outlast your day

The dual battery holds more power in less space, letting you fold and unfold all day long. With 3300mAh (typical) and cutting-edge intelligence, Galaxy Z Flip's all-day battery lets you make the most out of every charge.


Plus get all the best of Galaxy phones

Wireless Powershare
You can charge your Buds+, watch, and even a friend’s phone.

Save all your hands-free photos and footage with 256GB storage.

A powerful 7nm processor and 8GB RAM let you livestream, binge stream, and multitask with little lag.

Your always-ready intelligent assistant.
Go to Bixby

Bixby Vision
Turn your camera into an intelligent tool to give you information about the world around you.
Go to Bixby Vision

Cinema-grade display
An HDR10+ certified viewing experience.

Eye care display
Reduces eyestrain and sleep disturbances without sacrificing color.

Samsung Knox
Multi-layered protection to secure your phone from the chip up.

Unlock your phone with Face Recognition, Fingerprint Scan, or a PIN, pattern, or password.

4K UHD Recording
Record high-quality video that plays back as detailed as when you saw it.

Photo and Video Bokeh
Blur out backgrounds and add bokeh effects for artistic photos and videos.

Super steady
Super steady stabilizes video to make action shots look easy.

Ultra Wide Camera
With 12 megapixels and a 123-degree field of view, photos and panoramas are taken to the next level.

Custom Filter
Create your own filters based on the colors of a photo you love.

Up to 1.0Gbps LTE keeps you downloading and streaming with little lag.

eSIM available on Airtel & Jio networks.
For more details on how to activate the eSIM, please visit respective link above.

Key Features

Foldable Design & Samsung Ultra Thin Glass

We made the impossible possible. Galaxy Z Flip's iconic foldable design is only palm sized when folded, but unfolds to give a full 6.7"* screen experience. And who said glass couldn't be folded? We had to invent a brand new foldable Samsung Ultra Thin Glass technology to make Z Flip a reality. So finally you can have a truly immersive display with a super smooth surface, and without distractions.
* Measured diagonally, the screen size is 6.7" in a full rectangle and 6.5" accounting for the rounded corners. The actual viewable area is smaller due to the rounded corners and camera hole.


Hands-free camera for selfies and vlogging

Galaxy Z Flip's Free-stop mechanism allows you to use your Galaxy Z Flip as if were a laptop. When folded in half and placed on the flat surface, it will be automatically changed into Flex mode. So, you can use the upper half of the screen to view and bottom half to control. This means new angles to snap a video or photo without even having to use your hand. You can now shoot videos in 16:9 ratio in portrait mode perfect for uploading to Youtube.


Tripod-less Night Camera

Z Flip's unique foldability allows it to double up as a tripod which gives you the unique ability to capture stunning and stable photos and videos without using your hands.
In Night Mode, Z Flip goes even further when acting as a tripod. It takes 14 shots in up to 4 minutes,* combining them to give you the perfect bright shot without you having to even hold the device. Night Hyperlapse also allows you to capture night time videos with dynamic light trails, again without having to use your hands.
* 14 shots in 4 mins (max) in Night mode available with MR update


Quick Selfie

Galaxy Z Flip allows you to snap a selfie in seconds when folded. Double press the power button and press the volume key to take quality shots. Galaxy Z Flip's cover screen will instantly show you a preview without having to even unfold.


Single Take

Z Flip's Single Take mode captures a video, analyzes it using S20's AI, and serves you up to 14 different photos and videos including ultra wide, bokeh, cropped photos, time lapse videos and more. Shoot it once, get multiple options and choose the perfect moment*.
* Requires minimum 3 seconds, maximum 10 seconds of shooting


Hands-free communication

Take your video calls to the next level with Galaxy Z Flip's unique foldable UX optimized for hands-free. Simply turn Z Flip to Flex mode (half folded) on a flat surface when you call a friend. The upper screen displays the video, whilst the bottom screen allows you to control and interact without having to hold your phone. Flex mode is supported by video calling apps such as Google Duo, so you can have immersive conversations with anyone in your contacts.


Optimized UX when folded / unfolded

Your apps will take on new dimensions with Z Flip*. Galaxy Z Flip’s UI/UX has been designed specifically to the device’s form factor. With our precise sensor technology, Galaxy Z Flip knows how to act when folded, unfolded and in between.
* Compatibility may be limited to certain apps


Hideaway Hinge

Folding has never looked and felt so good thanks to our ground breaking Hideaway hinge that we have engineered to perfection. When you fold, the hinge elegantly disappears from view. The intelligent design includes freestop angles, which allow you to fold inwardly and gently lock into different angles mid motion. And on top of all of this, the Hideaway hinge also gives the Z Flip extra protection with our proprietary sweeper structure which helps prevent dust getting in too.


Immersive viewing experience with Dynamic AMOLED display

Colors are incredibly vivid and clear on Galaxy Z Flip's gorgeous Dynamic AMOLED Display. With HDR 10+ Dynamic Tone Mapping, maximum 800 Nit of screen brightness and reduced blue light for less eye strain.

  • 1. Smartphone
  • 2. Clear Cover
  • 3. Data Cable
  • 4. Earphones(USB Type-C) with sound by AKG
  • 5. USB connector
  • 6. Ejection Pin
  • 7. Power Adaptor

* Actual components may not be available depending on the model you purchased or the country or region you live in.



12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

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