SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box (Φ95mm) Basic Kit 3556

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As one of the Star-Trail series matte box, SmallRig Multifunctional Modular Matte Box (Φ95mm) Basic Kit 3556 is designed for mirrorless cameras to prevent sunlight or other light from causing glare and flare and to control images on the screen. It comes standard with four threaded adapter rings (Φ67-95mm / Φ72-95mm / Φ77-95mm / Φ82-95mm) for circular filters like VND, GND, CPL, common DSLR lens and Φ95mm cine lens or you can separately purchase Adapter Rings Kit (Φ52-95mm / Φ55-95mm / Φ58-95mm / Φ62-95mm / Φ86-95mm) 3383 for more compatibilities. The kit also includes a filter frame (4x5.65") featuring aluminum alloy frame and anti-off design, which can be quickly installed without leaving fingerprints. For attaching 4x4" filter, please purchase Filter Frame 3648; for holding multiple slid-in filters at the same time in complex environment, please purchase Filter Frame Kit (4x5.65") 3649 or VND Filter Kit 3651. Thanks to the formfitting filter system, ultra-wide angle shot using ≥14mm focal length becomes possible. Among other accessories, the lens hood features magnetic installation and quick release design and the carbon fiber top flag opens 180°. To prevent more glare, please purchase Side Flag Kit (95mm) 3647; to support and protect lens, please purchase Rod Support 3652. Our Star-Trail series matte box use plenty of lighter magnesium alloy and carbon fiber to provide lightweight shooting solutions.


Designers: Victor Tang, Tracy Joy



1: Incompatible with 2mm thick, 100 x 100mm and 100 x 150mm slide-in filters

2: Cannot hold slide-in filter and circular filter at the same time

3: Incompatible with circular filter having outside diameter larger than 100mm

4: Please put Filter Frame (4x4") 3648 in the innermost slot near the lens

5: Please put VND Filter Kit 3651 in the innermost slot near the lens after removing lens hood



1: Φ95mm cine lens

2: Any brand of 4 x 5.65", 4mm thick slide-in filter

3: Any Φ67mm-Φ72mm-Φ77mm-Φ82mm VND, GDN, CPL, ND filter (max outside diameter: 100mm)

4: Any Φ67mm-Φ72mm-Φ77mm-Φ82mm DSLR lens


In the Box:     

1 x Matte Box (Φ95mm)                       

1 x Lens Hood

1 x Top Flag

1 x Φ67-95mm Adapter Ring

1 x Φ72-95mm Adapter Ring

1 x Φ77-95mm Adapter Ring

1 x Φ82-95mm Adapter Ring

1 x Filter Frame (4 x 5.65")

1 x Storage Bag


Product Dimensions: 187 x 165 x 51 mm

Package Dimensions: 255×230×100 mm

Product Weight: 323g±5g

Package Weight: 10465g

Material: Nylon with Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber, Magnesium Alloy, Aluminum Alloy

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