SmallRig ND Filter Kit for DJI Action 2 3694

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SmallRig ND Filter Kit for DJI Action 2 3694 is designed to shoot water streams and waterfalls in bright outdoor light. It includes one ND8, ND16, ND32 and ND64 filter for different scenes. The quick release kit features great convenience and its aluminum alloy + magnet + glass filter structure enables secure connection and wide-angle shot without vignetting.

Designer: Clara Oswald

1. Please first read the user manual;
2. Please note the direction of magnetic poles when attaching filters;
3. Please fit the camera with cage before attaching filters.
4. Please do not use the filter in seawater as it is not water-proof or acid and corrosion-resistant;

DJI Action 2

Package Includes:
1 x ND8 Filter
1 x ND16 Filter
1 x ND32 Filter
1 x ND64 Filter
1 x Filter Wipe

Product Dimensions:39 x 39 x 3mm

Package Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 20.5mm
Net Weight of Single DN Filter: 4.5±0.1g
Package Weight: 78±1g
Materials: Aluminum Alloy 、Magnet 、Glass Filter

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