Atomos, a leading innovator in the field of video technology, is dedicated to revolutionizing the way content creators capture and deliver high-quality video. With a focus on creating user-friendly and reliable products, Atomos offers a range of professional video recording monitors, recorders, and accessories. 

Atomos offers a range of high-quality monitors like the Sumo, Ninja, Shinobi, and Shogun, designed for professional video production. The Sumo 19 monitor, praised for its features, remains a top choice in 2024. Atomos' Shogun monitor-recorder boasts a 7-inch screen, HDR monitoring, RAW recording, and integrated networking for cloud workflows. The Ninja series, including the Ninja Ultra, provides advanced features like ProRes RAW and proxy recording. These monitors offer exceptional brightness, connectivity options, and tools like SegmentPro for enhanced workflow flexibility. Atomos monitors are known for their reliability and innovative features, catering to the needs of filmmakers and content creators.