Blazar Anamorphic, formerly known as Great Joy, emerges as a dynamic player in the anamorphic industry. Specializing in high-quality yet budget-friendly anamorphic lenses and adapters, Blazar is dedicated to delivering superior build quality and exceptional affordability to its global clientele. The Great Joy 1.8x series garnered widespread acclaim, with enthusiastic feedback propelling its development forward despite initial challenges. Blazar's commitment to innovation shines through its 2021 launch of the 1.33x Full Frame Anamorphic Lens and 1.35x adapter, followed by the highly anticipated release of the Great Joy 1.8x line in 2022. Transitioning to the new brand Blazar in 2023, the company continues its collaboration with professionals and filmmakers, promising users an extraordinary experience in the realm of anamorphic cinematography.