SmallRig Handheld Video Rig kit for iPhone 12 Pro 3175

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SmallRig Handheld Video Rig kit for iPhone 12 Pro 3175 is a perfect mobile phone video rig for vlogging, mobile filmmaking, commercials, etc. The kit comes with a cage specially designed for iPhone 12 Pro and a side handle for a more stable handheld phone shooting. It features two cold shoe mounts and multiple 1/4 threaded holes to attach accessories like a microphone, a LED light, a tripod, etc. It supports both horizontal shooting and vertical shooting. The lens mount on the back enables you to attach an external lens to your phone easily.


Designer: Suliang Liu & Abby Huang

1. Please make sure to put and take out the mobile phone gently.
2. Compatible with the Sirui lens and lens with a similar structure.
3. Not work with iPhone 12 Pro with an outer case.
4. The external lens can only be attached to the wide camera and the telephoto camera of your phone.
5. Prevent falling or collision, which may cause damage to your phone.
6. It is recommended to be used with a Rode Video Micro microphone or microphone of a smaller size to prevent the microphone from entering the image. If needed, please pair with BUC2637 (not included)or BUC2638 (not included)
7. To use the wireless charge function, please take your phone out from the cage.


iPhone 12 Pro


Package Includes:
1 x Cage
1 x Side Handle


Product Dimensions: 234 x 101 x 42mm
Package Dimensions: 215 x 115 x 65mm
Net Weight: 250g±5g
Package Weight: 337g±5g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy, ABS

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